If you have reached this page, I’m assuming you have finished The Silver Ring. And if you have, I want to thank you. I hope you enjoyed it, and if not, well, I hope you at least found some of it entertaining.

Below now is the place to have your say. Please just note that obvious spam will be forwarded to the government’s top secret Spam Tracking Division (yes, that STD) which will hunt you down and feed your eternal soul to the fires of hell.

Or it will just be deleted.


45 Responses to “Comments”

  1. Extraordinary work! The Silver Ring was engaging from start to finish. Nothing superfluous. Your characters were tangible, organic, and appealing. The story was alive, fresh, and engrossing—surprisingly so, to this reader, at least, given the genre is not one to which I am particularly drawn.

    I came upon this story through your work on Everyday Fiction when I read your piece entitled Incomplete.

    I found that story to be compelling, concise, interesting and wonderfully written. Although I do have to admit I found the thumbs a bit disturbing and chilling, but perfectly so for the story.

    You are an extremely talented writer and it is my humble opinion that Stephen King would be not be disappointed in your work.

    Your stories are intriguing and I am impressed with your skill as a writer.

    I plan on checking out your blog.

    It’s been a privilege to read your work and I look forward to more. Thank you and I wish you much success with your writing.


    • Wow, Elizabeth, thank you so much for the extremely kind words. I’m very glad you enjoyed the novella, as well as “Incomplete” (sorry about the thumb bit).

  2. I realy liked this online story. Short, crisp and very much enjoyable from start to finish. A very fine piece of work makes me look forward to plenty more. All the Best for the future!


    New Delhi, India

  3. I really enjoyed the story, though the ending felt a little abrupt. I think this would would make an extraordinary start if you wanted to extend this into a full-fledged novel (hint, hint).

    • Thanks, Andrew, and sure, I can see what you mean about an abrupt ending. Who knows, maybe one day I could expand it …

  4. Robert,
    I liked the story a lot. I would have been tempted to make everything in David’s life better when it was restored after he had his run in with the Shadow Man.
    I like your way better.
    I found David engaging and I could see this story growing into more stories drawing him back into the ring’s sphere of influence throughout his life.
    Karen Schindler

  5. I enjoyed reading The Silver Ring (and left a review on Web Fiction Guide) although I do think this story doesn’t its potential: there’s so much you left unexplored! Of course, that’s just my way of saying I’d like to read more. 🙂

    • Thanks so much for reading, leaving a comment, AND reviewing it at WFG! I can see what you mean about some of the story being unexplored, and who knows — if I can ever get another glimpse into David’s world, then I’ll certainly try to write more about it 😉

      • Cool – I’ll keep my fingers crossed, then.

        [ FYI: The Silver Ring is now cross-posted at Muse’s Success (as is the review I wrote): (I’m a little OCD, I guess!)

      • Awesome — the more reviews, the better. By the way, not that it’s a big deal but you can easily get to the comments section from the front page. In fact, you can get to any of the pages by clicking on the table of contents on the sidebar … at least, that’s how it works on my end.

  6. Absolutely and completely amazing.
    The plot, the characters, the surroundings… They were all expertly written.
    This was an extraordinary story, it captivated me and I loved every aspect of it. Thank you so much for the great read

  7. It was so awsome… it kept me on edge the whole time!!!

  8. Amaaaziing Story o.o
    Honestly, I got hooked up from the beginning and I just loved it! But if ONLY you turned it to a novel or a series. Say, like Harry Potter. I can just see the huge success it will bring. Like expand it further because you left so much untold and I loved it 😦 Great GREAT work though 😀

    • Thanks so much, Ronnie, both for reading and for the extremely kind words. I’d totally be willing to expand this story … I’m just not sure how to do it yet! 🙂

  9. this story is great i finished it in just one sitting it was great i loved it!!!:)

  10. A very captivating story. I enjoyed it. You did an incredible job on it. Thank you Robert Swartwood for writing such a tale.

  11. I agree with Stephanie. This is a captivating and emotional tale. The plot was well thought out, and expertly written. I don’t usually like science fiction stories, but this one caught my attention, and once it did, I didn’t want to put it down. Many thanks for one of the best stories I have read in awhile.The story was amazing. It’s perfect, even without an Epilogue. It didn’t really NEED one. You ended it at just the right time. So many try and take the stories too far, and it ruins them, or they don’t take them far enough, and we end up guessing the final outcome. Kudos for finding the proper balance.

  12. I really enjoyed this, though like some before me was kind of dissapointed this was not a full length novel

    • Thanks for reading, and I’m glad you enjoy it, and who knows, someday maybe it will be expanded into a novel 🙂

      • i am really glad to see that you interact with your audience alot of good authors dont care enough to do that

  13. C: I have three days to finish something for a contest I entered on a website, and up until now I couldn’t come up with a single word — your story really helped me overcome my writers block. I loved it. The beginning to the end.

    Thanks for the good read! :DDD

  14. It was a good read. If you expand it into a novel, I think you should reconsider the invulnerability bit. The first victim of invulnerability is suspense. Go kryptonite or strip some of the amazing powers. Also I think it would be more effective, if your protagonist was in controle of the powers to some extent. More Tolkien, not less. The rewind ending takes some sting out of the story, instead of adding to it.

  15. ok, i couldn’t stop reading. then it was over. i was bummed cause i wanted it to go on forever. got anymore?

  16. wow dat book wuz soo awesome it had meh hiding under da covers but i loved it !!! especially sum parts were really intense nd i wuz all scared nd wat wuz going to happen…hahah (: gud book tho

  17. thank u so much buddy…….

  18. awesome book… love ur writing… u totally kept me glued…..couldnt stop reading till the end… 🙂 looking forward to ur other writings….. 🙂

  19. It is a really interesting book! I love it! And it has a really great ending.. I was able to imagine everything that was happening in my head.. and that makes it a great book!

    Great Job!

  20. I realy loved all the characters in the book,it had an interesting ending keep it up

  21. Very interesting full of suspence and kinda intense, entertaining.

  22. Thank you.
    Yep,it’s a good story. When you have grown mote in your writing and can fill it out so it reads smoother and hold the story line so it is not so transparent, you will have created a great story. having said that, is is a great beginning. do not be put off, keep going, it is there.

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